Windows 7 operating system backup and restore function

Use opportunely Windows 7 operating system backup and restore function
Backup is very important, but “backup” very troublesome  microsoft office mac 2011 product key really!!!!! Fortunately, Windows 7 finally “noticed” and “face” the problem, and in the light of computer data backup for comprehensive support.
The new invention of media ark
Former Windows hope you took the material together in “my documents” inside, a certain level, it’s a good thing. When you want to change a computer, you as long as the “my documents” backup up can.
But, “my documents” is usually system default in C: disk somewhere, and C: is the place of system disk. So Windows hope the file and user system disk in the same disk, and adds the files to be honest is the risk of an accident, because the system disk easy because the virus, the disk damage and an accident, so the compulsory default, not a perfect choice.
Another problem is that the C: because install the software and the space is insufficient, at this time you will have to put the data on the other disk, but so do and will let the data to disperse, destroy original data “the centralized management” intended.
A master will say, “in fact ‘my files’ default data clip is can change.” To be honest, I also know (otherwise how could I write out), with the Eee PC online this, the directions on the manual will suggest that the user “my documents” set to memory card up to avoid 4 GB of hard disk SSD blasting away. But… General who doesn’t know how to change, and to do so or a lack of flexibility, a lot of problems.
No relationship, the above problem, Windows 7 use “media ark” to solve.
Need backup folder if scattered around, can use Windows 7 new “media ark” function to the centralized management, I personally think this concept is quite good.
Data backup of first principles: concentration and classification
Almost any folder, as long as it is you think “necessary” ─ ─ can press the mouse button, will this data clip into “media ark”. So when you open the file manager, the top folder also is the media ark.
Media ark is like a “shortcut” is like “super link”, can put all of the data to focus on media ark, convenient your query. No matter your portfolio in C:, E:, F: or G:, and whether the data much hidden deeply, as long as you press the right mouse button choose “join to media ark”, later this data in the ark with media directly find.
Join the ark of the media folder or actually in place, but many a visible link on media ark. And when you want to copy or delete files, and the media, the inside of the ark can file for this in the management of operation. So as long as you normally do the ark of the media set management, to back up the work would be easier.
Media ark another advantage is: Windows 7 has built-in several important classification folder, such as photos, movies, files, and so on, the user if need classification backup (some of the documents of large amount of data, such as photos, videos, some small amount of documents, such as file), can also according to the kind of treatment, lest time consuming power consumption. Such operate up, and the sense in previous Windows just let users in data management “course”, and Windows 7 is like a “organism”, there are some more specific management mechanism. Although this should not Windows 7′s killer function, but personally, I quite appreciate the Microsoft in this effort and progress, it is worth you a try.
Backup to the last, this program will ask you, “you want to set up system repair CD?” This is what? Why should build a CD?
Build system image process is not easy, just make sure in other disk enough disk space can. After the backup, also can do without a CD of precaution system repair.
Because most of the Windows system “collapse” later, the most will be even hasn’t boot. Ask even have no access to boot system, what else can you repair your computer? How to restore your system? Even if you clearly have backup your system, and can only be sighed the brute!
More is better, some Internet this even cd-rom all have no, is to how to make reduction CDS?
Apart from the Internet this problem, at least the general “desktop computer users to know, hard disk Windows system collapses, finally still leave cd-rom can be used to help you” rescue “. But you don’t take advantage o when a normal computer do rescue CD, research about how to use… The wait for an accident, you have to find people to save.
Hard disk rescue, said difficult to, said that yi not easy, related major  windows 7 starter product key is not so easy, in the first slightly too not mention. My personal advice, “common computer maintenance, lest crash frequently without tears jet”. If lucky, perhaps your computer can live well, don’t rescue CD!

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