Repair Windows 7 not recognize antivirus software problems

Microsoft yesterday provides a hot patches, Windows 7 users to help solve a appeared in the system of health reports. Windows 7 has a function, can generate system health report, let the user to theĀ windows 7 professional product key system health conditions have generally understood.

Some users may find that even if you have installed antivirus software, the system can hint health report is still not installed antivirus software on computer. This would lead to you can’t use the system health report to determine which computer not installed antivirus software, this function become no longer credible.

In KB2482947 in Microsoft provides a patches, meet the above problems of Windows 7 users can download repair fault.

Vista firewall allows the user to select the public network or private network, and in Windows 7, you have three options: the public network, family network or work network, they are regarded as a private network.

If you choose to “family network” option, you can build a Homegroup. In this case, the network found (network discovery) is automatic open, so that you will be able to see the other computer and network equipment, they will also be able to see your computer. Homegroup belongs to the computer can share the pictures, music, video and document libraries, also can share the hardware equipments, such as printer etc. If you don’t want to share in the folder document, to eliminate them.

If you choose to “network”, the network found that by default is open, but you will not create or join Homegroup, if you will be added to the Windows Computer field (through the Control Panel | System | Advanced System Settings | Computer Name TAB) and through the domain controller validation, firewall will automatically be will network as domain network.

When you in airport, hotel or a coffee shop connected to the position such as public wireless network or the use of mobile broadband network, should choose to “public network”, the network will default to find shut down so that the rest of the network computer can’t see your computer, you also can’t sichuan opera or relegated to Homegroup.

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